March 22, 2013

NeverEnding, NeverAgain Afghan

  (updated version: March 26, 2013)

 I started this afghan about 2 years ago. I never ever, ever thought that 2 years later I would still be working on it.  A total of 285 small Granny Squares is what it took to make this afghan big enough for a double size bed. I have 3 more rows to slip stitch together, and maybe a border added, before I can call this 'My Finally Done Afghan'

This was suppose to be a project to use up my scrap yarn and instead, ended up being more than one trip to the hobby store... Which ended up with me buying yarn to start other projects..... wonder why this one isn't done yet?

In this picture,,,you can get an idea of what it will look like when completed.   That is my little buddy, Stella, sitting off to the side. 
Her little heart is going to be broken when she realizes I didn't make this for her.

At this point, I was planning on writing a tutorial on 'How to make Granny Squares'  but while looking around on Pinterest, I came upon a blog called things to make and do.   
She has a great tutorial on how to make basic granny squares, plus tutorials on how to adjust the sizes, blocking and joining.  Anyone wanting to learn......Go say 'Hi' to adaiha@ things to make and do. and tell her that Lorri, from Home away from Mom, sent you.   I am sending you to her patterns & tutorials page. 
 Start at Granny Square Tutorial part 1: Basic Granny Square. 
Once you learn that, the possibilities are endless. You can use multiple colors, sizes, stitches, make up your own design, you name's all up to you.  Get creative and have fun.
For those of you who don't know how to crochet, but would like to learn......Go on over and say 'Hi' to 
Mikey @ The Crochet Crowd
He has some great videos on Youtube to help you on your way.

For my afghan:
I used an H/8-5.00mm hook and
RedHeart Supersaver yarn
(I'm sorry, I didn't keep track of how much yarn I was using)   

*I made up a graph to make my pattern..... 

As you can see, alot of scribbling went on,,,, and this was the one that got saved from the trash. 

For anyone wanting to take on this mammoth of a blanket. 
Everyone is welcome to the pattern I have created out of little granny squares and the pictures of it, but please link  back to me....Thank you.

Here is the placement of the squares I came up with. I redid the sheet and put in generic letters as the colors, but still posted, at the bottom the colors each letter represents on my afghan... It was amazing to see what it turned out looking like once I started getting it put together.  

Each one of my squares were made up of a solid color for 2 rounds and the 3rd round is black. Then I slip stitched them together using black.... I'm still debating on...Border or no border. and if I decide on a border...what kind of border.....decisions, decisions.

I know I call this my NeverEndingNeverAgainAfghan, But....who knows...Never say Never :)

Ravelry members.... Make sure you visit this page to post your pictures.
Ravelry: Page for NeverEndingNeverAgainAfghan

Once you get going, and have so many blankets made, that you don't know what to do with them all......there are alot of charities out there that need help. A nice little security blanket would mean the world to some little boy or girl.   You can check your local shelters and hospitals to see if they take donations.
                                      Hoping you all have a Happy Friday
                                           and a happy and safe weekend,

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